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Activities And Skills
  • Competitive value Share trading from 2% daily ROI and above. No account-keeping fees or management fees.
  • Market insights Access a range of investment articles from authentic sources to stay informed on market news and trends.
  • Diversification Access and report on a range of investments online, including ASX-listed stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Options (ETOs), warrants and mFunds.
  • All secure, all digital Monitor any time with mobile, laptop and desktop compatibility. You can also track your running investment transactions with email alerts, and other tools.
Our Numbers

The past year was awesome, just as other years. Don't just hear us out, look at our numbers

1st Quarter (Jan - Mar '21)
Target: 180% ROI / Achieved: 145% ROI
2nd Quarter (Apr - Jun '21)
Target: 180% ROI / Achieved: 115% ROI
3rd Quarter (Jul - Sept '21)
Target: 180% ROI / Achieved: 195% ROI
4th Quarter (Oct - Dec '21)
Target: 180% ROI / Achieved: 125% ROI